Today is October 23rd, 2023 and it is absolutely gorgeous here. Perfect temperature, the ocean is still warm, and that’s because it’s South Carolina. And I am here making some videos for work just to talk about some topics that I find really important, and one of them is doing things for ourselves, to take care of ourselves, that bring us peace and joy and refresh us. And I am in my happy place when I’m at the beach.

So for me, this right here is where it’s at. It doesn’t really get much better than that for me in terms of my environment and just instant peace and calm and a sense of therapy actually.

So you know lots of things can be therapeutic. Talking is therapeutic, crying is therapeutic, expressing frustration and anger is therapeutic, and being in a place that just makes you feel alive and brings you joy is very therapeutic. 

So for me it’s the beach. Now I know that a lot of people are like mountains, you know mountain people, or you know just sort of like, places in their home make them happy. And I get it, but this is it for me right here.

So I wanted to just kind of open that up a little bit and share that one of the ways that I bring joy, calm, and peace into my life is to try to come to the beach as often as I can, and to combine my work of therapy with the beach.

So I actually have had therapy sessions on the beach with my clients. We have walked, we have swam together because I figure why not combine these two things that I love. 

So this is part one of my video of sharing about how I take care of myself. Part two is going to be fitness so stay tuned for that.