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       The Pathway to Peace: Leaving Anxiety & Perfectionism Behind


With Maureen O’Connell, LCMHC

Everyday life is so frantic and full of troubles that we have largely forgotten how to live a joyful existence. We try so hard to be happy that we often end up missing the most important parts of our lives.” Dr. Mark Williams

Embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace with my 8-week Course, “The Pathway to Peace: Leaving Anxiety & Perfectionism Behind.”

Go from “Head Living” to “Present Living.”

Throughout the virtual 8-week course with 1:1 Coaching Sessions, you will hear my story of transformation from anxious-stressed mom/therapist to calm, peaceful and present (preview My Story here). I will teach you 15 core principles and give you weekly coping skills in the form of mindfulness audio exercises, such as my “Peace Pause” one minute audio to regain your peace. My audios are designed to train your mind to be more focused, present, and less prone to anxiety and stress.

Each week delves into essential principles and coping strategies, empowering you to tame your anxious mind, embrace present living, cultivate curiosity and compassion, and break free from the cycle of anxiety. I will share how my life was profoundly changed by each of these crucial components.

By the end of the course, you will emerge transformed, equipped a new mindset and coping skills to build resilience to anxiety and stress, including how to best cope with and prevent panic attacks.

Not only will you gain greater control over your anxious mind but you will be enjoying your new life of Present Living: having control over the wandering mind, experiencing minimal worry and rumination, being an imperfectionist who is kind towards self while peacefully solving life’s problems and presently enjoying the moments (Maureen O’Connell, LCMHC).

In my 8-Week Course, I have pulled together the best of what I know for how to move past anxiety, stress, and perfectionism. You will learn cutting-edge mindfulness-based skills that I call “game-changers because they are brain-changers.”

Pathway to Peace Testimonials

“Going through this course has allowed me to understand what anxiety actually is once and for all and not let it rule my life. I now have a tool box to use to navigate situations and thoughts that once overpowered my life.”

“Anxiety has been an obstacle to joy since childhood. The coping skills in Pathway to Peace take practice and time to master, but I can see positive improvement in the way I think, feel, and live.”

“I sought out therapy with Maureen about a year ago to gain peace in my life after some difficult trials. In the past, I had relied on spiritual direction to overcome emotional challenges. Maureen helped me to understand that emotional and psychological health are separate and apart from spiritual freedom and progress. I started to recognize the powerful impact of past wounds in my life and the resulting unhealthy coping mechanisms, behaviors and anxiety that only therapy could address. Through Maureen’s guidance and therapy I began to understand my “anxious mind” and its effects. By talking through not only the wounds I experienced but also the faulty thinking generated by my anxious mind I began to truly heal. When Maureen invited me to participate in her “Pathway to Peace” eight-week program I jumped at the chance. The program has heightened my self-awareness and provided me with practical skills to calm my anxious mind and find true peace. Take it from someone who didn’t realize that she suffered from anxiety – we all experience it and most of us don’t have the awareness or skills to calm our anxious minds in this hectic, pressure-filled world. Be kind to yourself. Take time to discover the beautiful person you are and live the best life possible – the life you were created to live.”

“This program has been wonderful. It has allowed me to look at many of my stressors in a different light as well as show myself grace. The tools provided will help me well into the future.”

“Pathway to Peace is a concise and practical course on overcoming anxiety, which provides various tools for your mental health toolbox. I have found it very helpful to have this step by step guide which provides information and exercises in a manageable regimen for a busy lifestyle.”

 Course Overview

Week 1: The Anxious Mind (Principles 1 – 5) We all have anxiety. But Bad Anxiety is like living with a wild, out of control monkey. Having an anxious Monkey Mind with Monkey Chatter 24/7 is no way to live. Learn step one towards peace and how to get space from anxious thoughts. Skill: Separation.

Week 2: Taming the Anxious Mind (Principles 6 – 9) The mind is amazing and is capable of everything from inventing the iPhone to getting men to the moon. But it also has a tendency to wander and when it does it usually goes to negative places, the “unhealthy rooms” of worry and rumination. You will learn all about the mind’s wandering ways, Anxiety Disorders 101 (General, OCD, Social, & Panic). Step two is to start taming your anxious mind with the essential mental practice of noticing mind wandering and waking up throughout your day. This practice is crucial to reduce anxiety and increase being present in the moment everyday. Skill: Waking Up

Week 3: Two Secret Skills (Principle 10) Anxiety can make life feel like one big problem to solve and it’s easy to get lost in stress, miss the moment, and treat ourselves with harshness when we feel like a constant anxious, failure. There are two secret skills when it comes to anxiety: curiosity and compassion. The “Art of Curiosity” will give you the ability to pause, let more things go, and peacefully solve the important matters. Being patient and compassionated with oneself might be the biggest obstacle people face. Being in a state of constant problem-solving and harshness breeds the cycle of anxiety. Step three is to master these secret skills, which are game-changers. Skill: Cultivating curiosity and compassion.

Week 4: The Bad Anxiety Club (Principle 11) See how the Bad Anxiety Club’s Frantic Mindset may be affecting you with things like a high need for control, certainty, and tendencies towards perfectionism, over-caretaking others, or poor self-care resulting in a variety of syndromes (Gotta Be Amazing Syndrome, My Way Syndrome, Savior Syndrome, Super Mom Syndrome, and more). Step three is to increase your self-awareness of how  Frantic Mindset may be negatively affecting your life with my three quizzes: Need for Certainty Quiz, Perfectionism Quiz, and Over-responsibility Quiz. These quizzes will give you the needed clarity to see how anxious mindset may be contributing to any problems in your life.  Skill: Know Thy Frantic Mindset.

Week 5: Diamond in the Rough (Principle 12) People are like diamonds covered in anxiety. A Mindful Mindset with help you shine. Reveal the real you by learning how to drop any Frantic Mindset Syndromes and replace them with a Mindful Mindset that leads to Present Living with the ability to be flexible, curious, spontaneous, creative, present, and peaceful. Step five is to receive replacement mindsets with new mottos that will give you permission to live with uncertainty, drop perfectionism, and take better care of yourself. I share My Mottos that help me live in peace and be a healthier (far from perfect) present, playful mom of four (three teenagers and a tween!). Skill: Permission for peace. With bonus mindfulness exercise: the “Peace Pause” (my 1 minute go-to regain peace amidst stress).

Week 6: Surf It Out (Principle 13) Resisting, avoiding and trying to stop difficult emotions unfortunately feeds the cycle of anxiety. We can’t stop emotions anymore than we can stop waves in the ocean. Getting comfortable with emotions can take time and guidance is often needed. Learn how to not get overwhelmed by emotional pain and bodily anxiety symptoms, including anxiety and panic attacks through the art of accepting and riding emotions like a wave  Skill: Surfing Emotions.

Week 7: Go For It (Principle 14) Now you’ll be ready to go for it and face your anxieties with a new mindset and key skills. Practice with 5 core areas to intentionally let go of your Inner Drill Sargeant (a.k.a. Inner Critic), your need for certainty/control, perfectionism and people-pleasing. Face your fears and anxieties with confidence and peace. It will be life-changing. Skill: Let’s Face It.

Week 8: New You (Principle 15) Welcome to the new you: curious, creative, spontaneous, flexible, and healthy and present. Your Best Self. Hear how the lifestyle of Present Living brings joy and peace into my life.  Skill: Play.


Virtual 8-Week 1:1 Coaching Course (weekly 45 minute video sessions). I will be your Virtual Coach and teach you all course content with opportunities to comment and ask questions. Each week you will also receive an email of the full course text (PDF) and coping skills in the form of Mindfulness Audio Exercises (5 minutes) and Action Exercises to reinforce that week’s content.

Pricing: $130/Coaching Session (45 minutes) $150/Coaching Session (60 minutes)

Curious to learn more or want to sign up? I’m happy to answer any questions and share my free sample “Peace Pause” one-minute audio designed to help you regain your peace at any moment. or text 919-538-4754.


THE DIY Audio Version Spring/Summer 2024 “DIY The Pathway to Peace: Leaving the Monkey Mind Behind 8-Week Audio Course.” On your own time listen to my new Audio course. Each week you will receive: course content Principles (Audio & PDF format) and coping skills in the form of Mindfulness Audio Exercises (5 minutes) and Action Exercises to reinforce that week’s content.